Partner company of PH2:
PROEMTEC Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH

PH2 Technology GmbH was created on the basis of the research work and experience in the field of renewable energy of Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH.

Proemtec supports as a partner with its extensive know-how the development of PH2 Technology GmbH.

Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH was founded in 1985. In 2005, Proemtec was taken over by the current managing director Günther Gschoßmann in the course of the retirement succession of the founder Helmut Behnke.

Since then, Proemtec has developed into one of the leading suppliers in special plant construction.

The basis:
Since 2016
basic research and research projects


Since 2016 the partner company of PH2 Technology GmbH, PROEMTEC Behnke Präzisions Meßtechnik GmbH, has been researching the conversion of biogenic residues into green energy.

This was achieved with the support of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the framework of several funding projects.

2016: Research into a technology for biological methanation including investigation of the entire value chain.

2017: Biohydrogen production through energy efficient drying of biomass and gasification

2019: Development of a biorefinery to double the biomethane potential in agricultural biogas plants

Since 2020: Industrial research into electrolysis based on a zero-gap alkaline membrane

The start:
Foundation of PH2 Technology GmbH for marketing the results

In 2023 PH2 Technology GmbH is founded in Günding near Munich to market the research results of our partner company Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH.

With the aim of creating a holistic and sustainable solution for operators the PH2 system was designed modularly and can thus be individually put together for each customer.

Thanks to the in-house core competencies and the extensive know how at PH2 Technology Gmb, the first demonstration plant for the Sewage sludge drying module will go into trial operation in autumn 2023, laying the foundation for a new and environmentally friendly path in energy production – independent of fossil fuels and their occurrence.