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System innovations.
Made in Germany.

PH2 module sewage sludge drying

30 to 70 % lower costs

compared to previous methods by PH2 sewage sludge drying

PH2 module phosphorus recycling

high plant availability
not water soluble
properties of phosphorus after recovery from wet sewage sludge by PH2
phosphorus recovery with 90% recovery rate

PH2 module production of green hydrogen

0.6 to 2 €/kg production costs of green hydrogen

through innovative and CO2-neutral PH2 production of green hydrogen from sewage sludge

CO2 savings worldwide > 100 million T/year

by PH2 plant engineering

PH2 Technology GmbH is specialized in highly innovative plants for sewage sludge drying, phosphorus recovery and the production of green energy from sewage sludge and biogenic residues.

The sewage sludge drying of PH2 is carried out in the most efficient way by using low temeperature. This reduces disposal costs by 30 to 70 % compared to current methods.

The PH2 recycling process of phosphorus is characterized by very high recovery rates and the avoidance of MAP formation which very problematic for wastewater treatment plants.

Energy - produced from waste.
Efficient, eco friendly, self-sufficient.

A sustainable process is used to produce green hyrogen, green methanol or green methane from sewage sludge or biogenic waste.

The processes patented by PH2 Technology GmbH improve the processes currently available on the market in the field of energy efficiency and cost reduction many times over.

Our partner company Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH has been developing and refining the CO2-neutral processes since 2016. PH2 Technology GmbH will be founded in 2023 for the renewable energy sector.

In this way, customers of PH2 Technology GmbH make an important contribution to decarbonization and climate protection with their systems.

PH2 moduleS: Energy Through innovation

Input: sewage sludge with DM 2 to 30 %
Output: quantity depending on the phosporus content in the input material

Optional module

  • 90 % recovery rate
  • 90 % lower MAP formation
  • 90 % lower problem loads than in mining

Sewage sludge drying with  maximum efficiency due to low temperature

Cost reduction compared to conventional drying processes:
up to 80 %

Amortization of the system:
2 to 4 years

Input: 1 t sewage sludge with DM 20

Output: 220 kg sewage sludge powder

(CO, H2 and CO2)

Result: 50 to 65 % hydrogen, depending on input quality

purified green hydrogen
purity: 3.5 to 8.0 depending on cleaning method chosen by customer
manufacturing costs per kg:
0.60 € to 2 €

Input material: sewage sludge powder or other powdered biomass with DM 90 %

Phosphorus recovery
Sewage sludge drying
Production green hydrogen from sewage sludge

PH2 - sustainable technology at its best






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