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PH2 -
Energy for the green future of nature

PH2 Technology is an innovative start up company based in Günding near Munich.

Our company is specialized on generating sustainable energy by transforming sewage sludge. Our key customers are sewage treatment plants and waste disposal companies.

With our stationary and mobile systems waste management and energy management are raised to a new level.

PH2 Technology GmbH was founded on basis of the research work and experience of our partner company, the specialist for special plant construction Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH. With Proemtec’s many years of experience and cross-plant know-how, they has been dealing with the topics of sewage sludge disposal, phosphorus recovery and the generation of regenerative energy like green hydrogen since 2016 as part of extensive research projectts.

Whether self sufficient units or a complete system – at PH2 competence is combined with innovative progress for our greener future.

Our Vision

Through sustainable action we preserve nature's natural ability to regenerate.

We protect the earth for future generations by generating green energy from waste materials.
The highly innovative and disruptive solution from PH2 Technology GmbH generates energy efficient and CO2 neutral green energy at competitive prices from the previous problem material sewage sludge.
We are transforming the sewage sludge treatment of the future. Waste becomes energy.

Decentralized - from resources that are available on site at any time and without restriction.

PH2 Technology GmbH

Neufeldstr. 16

85232 Günding

Tel. +49 (0)8131 779928-0

Fax +49 (0)8131 77988-99


Experience leads to confidence

Thanks to the synergy with our partner company Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH, the PH2 Technology GmbH looks back on a successful and innovative history which is a base for future oriented development and research in the field of resource saving and renewable energy generation.

Whether development, production, sales, service or remote operation the core competencies and know how of our specialists can be found here under a single roof and guarantee smooth processing.

Our team advises and accompanies you flexibly and responsibly in the implementation of your plant wishes and offers you the quality seal “Made in Germany”.

Günther Gschoßmann


35 years experience in developing and manufacturing of measurement systems and control technologies 

CEO of PROEMTEC Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH since 2005

Florian Bals

Head of Technology

15 years experience in developing and manufacturing of measuring  and laser deflection systems

Head of process technology PROEMTEC Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH

Self-employed farmer


The partner company of PH2 Technology GmbH, Proemtec Behnke Präzisionsmeßtechnik GmbH, was founded in 1985 and expanded into one of the leading providers in special plant construction since 2005 in the course of an age succession of Günther Gschoßmann.
2006 bis 2021
As part of several funded projects by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, PROEMTEC started basic research for the transformation of biogenic waste into green energy.
Funding project Bavarian Energy Research Programme : Biohydrogen production through energy efficient drying of biomass and gasification
Funding project Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy: Industrial research into electrolysis based on an alkaline zero gap membrane
Development of a procedure for the processing of sewage sludge into renewable energy and high quality fertilizer with the components phosphorus recovery, sewage sludge drying and production of green hydrogen
Plant highlights from Proemtec: Pressure tests and pressure measurements from 0.1 mbar to 10,000 bar, pressure pulsation with liquids up to 100 Hz, pressure pulsation with gases up to 1200 Hz, shock test up to 2000 g, temperature test up to 350 °C, fast leakage test, helium leakage test also for high pressures and large volumes, helium recovery
2016 bis 2022
Funding project Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology: Research into a technology for biological methanation including investigation of the entire value chain
Funding project Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: Development of a biorefinery to double the biomethane potential in agricultural biogas plants
Successful testing of gasification: Construction of demonstrator as part of the funded project Biohydrogen production by carbonization of biomass and gasification
Foundation of PH2 Technology GmbH and start of marketing